Server Rules

1. No cheating – Cheating includes using mods, hacks, or any other third-party software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Cheating also includes exploiting glitches or bugs in the game.

2. Be respectful of others – Treat other players with respect and kindness. Do not harass or bully other players. That includes in the chat, or by abusing game mechanics to bother them.

3. No inappropriate language or sensitive information in chat – Do not use offensive or vulgar language, Do not advertise or send links, and do not spam the chat. How you speak outside of the server (On third-party systems, like Discord) is your business, but while on the server keep the chat clean and appropriate for all ages. This includes things like discussing your age. Anyone under 18 years of age (or older in some countries) is strictly barred from sharing ANY identifying information in chat. This includes their age, general location, and any part of their real name (Exceptions are if their name is contained in their username). This is a good general rule to follow for all players – but younger players risk losing their chat privileges if they disobey this rule. This server is public, and while we try our very best to protect our players, we can not prevent everyone we’d like to from hopping on. This rule is strictly enforced to protect our younger player base.

4. Keep Public Chat in English – We want players from anywhere in the world to enjoy their experience on the server, but for moderation purposes – all public chat needs to be in English. You are still free to use whatever language you are most comfortable with in private messages, but those messages are logged, and will be translated into English for moderation. Meaning that certain things could be lost in translation, or missing context, and we will still have to moderate based on that. It also means some Unicode symbols frequently used in other languages may not be allowed in chat.

5. Be courteous and don’t crowd others – When you go to an area to build, make sure you aren’t too close to others. Maybe send them a message and ask if they are okay with you building nearby. Don’t crowd others unless necessary. If someone is building in an area and hasn’t claimed the entire space surrounding their builds – don’t get in between their builds and make new claims. Moderators will handle this on a case-by-case basis.

6. No Sky Grinders – Mob grinders can not be massive sky-based builds towering into the clouds. You must build them underground. Exceptions to this are if you can make your sky grinder aesthetically pleasing (Like disguising it as a building). This is to keep building areas and landscapes tidy. Try not to make the world ugly. This ONLY applies to the main overworld (End, Nether, Resource World, and Resource Nether – you can build if you want).

7. Rules are not set in stone – Follow any additional rules set by the server owner or moderators. The rules may change as needed. We will not get into any arguments about the technicality of your behavior. Moderators and admins can judge as needed if a player should be punished or removed from the server.

7. Play fair – Play the game as it was intended to be played. Do not exploit game mechanics or use glitches to gain an unfair advantage.

We want you to have fun, but we take every precaution to ensure you are protected from players who want to ruin that fun. Every single action on the server is logged with times and changes. That includes blocks, entities, chat, commands, inventories, and more. If there’s an issue, contact us – we can get things fixed for you.

Getting started

Spawn Area

When you first join the server you will be taken to the spawn island, to learn a little about the server. Whenever you die, you will also re-spawn in the same area (This respawn point can be overridden by using a bed or respawn anchor). Use the online map and the home system to keep from getting lost.

If you’re trapped…

If you spawn in on someone’s claim and are in a precarious spot that you can’t escape – try using the /trapped command in chat. It will automatically move you outside of someone’s claim if you become trapped there. You can use this command anytime you have become trapped inside of someone else’s claim.

Your First Claim

When you’re ready to start your first land claim, you can place a chest. It will then link you to a video explaining the claim system. You can also refer to the claims system page on this website for basic command & plugin documentation.

But wait, there’s more…

The goal is to improve your experience. Adding things like player trade systems, homes, and much more. We will continue to add new features and mechanics based on community feedback. Check the plugins page to stay up to date.

Game Mechanics

Some of the mechanics of the vanilla game have been altered slightly to improve the experience. Below you can find a running list of changes. We may add more, or remove existing, changes at any point – in order to maintain a mostly vanilla experience, while reducing the frustrations many of our players have with the game.

Vanilla Settings

  • PvP Disabled.
  • Difficulty set to normal.
  • Maximum chunk render distance set to 24.
  • Other players render up to 8 chunks away from you.
  • Mobs render up to 8 chunks away from you.

Other Mechanics

  • Daytime last twice as long as vanilla day length.
  • Nighttime lasts half as long as vanilla night length.
  • Players leave death markers on the dynamic online map.
  • You drop items on death, but you can use /cheats to enable Keep Inventory.

Food & Hunger

  • Overall hunger greatly reduced
  • Regen hunger multiplier reduced

  • Sprint hunger multiplier reduced

  • Swimming hunger multiplier reduced

Items & Blocks

  • Command blocks disabled
  • TNT does not detonate above sea level.
  • Gold Shovel used for claim system.
  • Hold a stick to get claim information.
  • Redstone uses the alternate current system to reduce lag. May change some redstone implementations.


  • A chat filter is enabled which will block all usage of inappropriate language, spam, & advertising.
  • Chat filter system extends into signs, books, and anvils for renaming items.
  • Various ranks (Donors, Moderators, Admins) have their own chat format. The tab-list colors do not reflect any server rank.
  • Some players use nicknames, but this should not effect game-play in most cases, but you may need to retrieve their real usernames for certain commands.

Entities & Mobs

  • General per-chunk entity limit, to prevent lag.
  • Armor stands spawn with arms by default.

  • Mob spawning is unlimited – but there are recurring mob clears, but they use a complex system to determine how close mobs are to each other. Tamed Mobs and Named Mobs will never be cleared. You won’t even notice this system unless you have expansive mega farms where you let hundreds of mobs simply sit there. Most auto-farms should be unaffected.